Why are Football Clubs Called United?

September 30, 2020
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In the world of Football, United is not just an adjective; it is an emotion! When the word ‘United’ is mentioned, the Red Devils tend to get into action.

But did anyone wonder what the reason behind some Football Clubs is using the suffix ‘United’? Either American Soccer or English Football clubs, both have predominantly used the suffix over the years.

There had been a piece of news circulating over the past few years on the fact that Manchester United might drop the United.

Why is ‘United’ added as a suffix for an FC? Does it mean something?

Usually, United means when two or more things join or unite to form a joint entity. Well, the clubs might have thought to add the United suffix to display their unity or harmonic gameplay.

To name a few other English teams, there are Sheffield United FC, Newcastle United, and Leeds United too.

But the question is, did these clubs form a union of many teams and hence use the suffix? The answer to this might be tricky. Clubs like Sheffield may have been a result of the merger of teams, but Manchester United, on the other hand, has no reason like that. Manchester United did not have a particular reason to change its former name Newton Heath LYR Football Club into the current one. It is because it was formed from a single team.

Newcastle United Football Club is a result of a merger of Newcastle East End and Newcastle West End. It is a literal union of teams and hence justifies the ‘United’ part.

The History behind the suffix

There is no particular history behind this suffix, to be honest. It is said Sheffield Football Club was a pioneer in adding the word United as their suffix. Sheffield came into light after their victory in the English league in 1897. This club had relatively derived or taken their name from Sheffield United Cricket Club, and the FC was a result of an amalgamation of clubs.

The fire of Manchester United was ignited when they did wonders at the Premier League. They are considered to have a huge fan following. They popularised the term ‘United’. No doubt their team is referred to as ‘United’ more than ‘Manchester United’.

Other Famous Suffixes Which Have Ruled Football

Talking about English Clubs, there have been some suffixes used rarely, while others are quite frequent. For instance, Tottenham adopted the suffix Hotspurs, making them noticeable. Also, the suffix ‘City’ has been used widely by notable clubs like Manchester City and Leicester City.

There have been teams with suffixes like ‘Rovers’, ‘Wanderers’, and ‘Rangers’. The common link between these three is they do not have a particular ground, that is, their home ground is not fixed.

Just like Manchester, there are two clubs with the prefix Sheffield – Sheffield United FC and Sheffield Wednesday FC.

A Short Summary Of The ‘United’ Theory

To conclude, some teams joined hands to form the ‘United’ clubs, but the suffix became more of a trend in the later years. Sometimes the clubs did not get their name of choice because of some other existing clubs with that name.

So, the word United was not necessarily kept due to its literal reasons. Some clubs just added it to their clubs. It can also be taken into consideration that the clubs are trying to express the harmony within the team or the fans.

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