Top-3 wealthiest football clubs in 2020

September 30, 2020
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With the growing popularity of football, it has now surfaced as a sport attracting legit cash with several tournaments and leagues. All the renowned football clubs are sustained with billions of dollars, the effect of which has been shown by the current epidemic. Despite the outbreak and seizure in football leagues, the clubs have managed to curate a sustainable value.

Below are the top-3 richest football clubs in 2020:

Manchester United

United, or relevantly the Red devils has over 650 M fans across the Globe. The club that was spotted as the wealthiest football club two years back in 2018 has now positioned in third in the list of top-3 wealthiest football clubs in 2020 with an estimation of 711.5 million euros.

Although the club has come down to third concerning the rest of the world, it remains to be the richest in England. Such high euros has a big part in coming from its apparel sales, among others. Around 2,850,000 shirts were sold in the last five years.

United produces it’s Tees via Adidas whereas Chevrolet is the one behind all sponsorships. Shirt sponsorship deals are usually numbered to be over 47 million euros a year.

The 2019 Champions league has also caught up with 6% of the overall revenue.

Real Madrid

Second in the list of top-3 wealthiest football clubs in 2020 is Real Madrid.

Real Madrid had gained victory three times in a row at the Champions League from 2016-18.

As for now, the official Facebook page of real Madrid has 109.1 M followers, 69.3 M on Instagram, and 48 Mom twitter. The overall count of fans worldwide is 350 M.

Real Madrid undoubtedly has stepped in with significant influence, amounting to 757.3 M euros. As for 2016, shirt sales crossed the massive count of 2,290,000 with sponsorship deals touching 61.5 million euros in a year.


With an estimation of 840.8 M euros, the Barcelona team from Spain has spotted the first position in the top-3 richest football clubs in 2020 after the back to back win and arrival in the semi-finals of the champions league. As for 2016, 1,980,000 shirt sales were driven. Apart from that, the sponsorship deals peak 48 million euros every year.

The team consists of many strong players, including Lionel Messi and Saurez.

Even social media handles are strongly bonded with giant fans. Facebook has over 100 M followers, 82.1 on Instagram, and 31.7 on Twitter.


Be it Covid-19 or any other novel pandemics, and they hit all stretches, including the financial scores. The outbreak will take a significant hit financially even if the planned leagues are permitted to happen.

The stadium people will be halved down to half or even possibilities to conduct a match without the real-life audience. As such, the football match would occur behind screens only. Simultaneously, the top-3 richest football clubs in 2020 may or may not change anytime soon.

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