The Most Watched Football League and its History

September 30, 2020
Football stadium full of people

Football has for long enthralled and engrossed a large section of people all over the world. People of every age group, be it youngsters or even adults, everyone is found to share similar levels of interest in the game. Football has grown its reach and spread far and wide to surmount various parts of the world today.

The Premier League is quite often referred to as the English Premier League and is comprised of as many as 20 clubs in total. Each season of the Premier League runs from August to May and has each of the participating teams playing 38 matches in total.

Origin of the Premier League

Even though there had been some significant success achieved by quite a few European teams in the 1970s as well as in the early 1980s, the latter part of the 1980s however outlined a downfall in English football. Stadiums were dilapidated, and there were very few supporters of the game till then. Following this, English clubs were even banned from entering into the European tournaments.

However, by the 1990s, the depreciating graph of English football started to recover, with the English team reaching up to the semi-final round in the FIFA World Cup. This made the governing body of the European football lift the ban on the English football team.

In the 1980s a large number of prospering English clubs entered into the sphere of great transformation. The principal English football clubs got themselves transformed into business ventures, thereby maximizing the revenue. The beginning of the 1990s saw many big football clubs considering the option of breaking away from the culminated Football League, to move away from having to pay the revenue required for the upgradation of the stadium, as was proposed by the Taylor Report.

Foundation of the Premier League

It was the meeting between the director of the London Weekend Television and the delegates from the five big football clubs, that later paved the way for the foundation of the Premier League. All the five clubs, however, later on, agreed to this suggestion and decided to move on with the same.

However, without being backed up by The Football Association, the league would cease to possess any form of credibility. Since the Football Association did not at all enjoy a healthy relationship with the Football League, they saw it as the perfect opportunity to weaken the supremacy of the Football League. Hence finally in June 1991, the Football Association released a report that drafted the groundwork necessary for the formation and foundation of the Premier League.

Almost at the end of the year 1991, it was proposed that a new league shall be hereafter established that shall seek to bring in even more revenue than earlier possible, and an agreement was officially signed on 17th July 1991. There were to be no changes brought forth in the format in which competitions ought to be held. The first season of the newly founded league was held in 1992-93 and was composed of as many as 22 clubs in total.


While there are a large number of big and small football tournaments that are being held all over the world today, the Premier League comes in the forefront when it comes to popularity, fame, and reach. Since most of the tournaments are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays, more and more people can watch the game, either on their TVs or by coming to the respective stadium themselves. By far, the craze and enthusiasm amongst football lovers cross every boundary, especially when it comes to watching the Premier League!

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